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The LogoMotif database is an up-to-date comprehensive database on gene regulation in bacteria. It contains curated experimentally-validated transcription factor binding site (TFBS) profiles and preconstructed position frequency matrices (PFMs) and position weight matrices (PWMs). The matrices are pre-applied to several model organisms to detect TFBS locations and construct gene regulatory networks.

To learn more about the underlying methods and contents of the database, view the about page.

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At the moment, the database contains 23 transcription factors. Find more information on how to contribute to the databse in the link below.

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The database contains 392 quality controlled transcription factors binding sites. Browse the database to discover more.

MiniMotif TFBS detection

Download the information of your regulator(s) of interest or use the precalculated matrices to detect TFBSs in bacterial genomes.